3 Guaranteed Ways To Ensure Your Business Blog Fails

While blogging itself has been around for well over a decade, business blogging is a resource that has only started to become popular in recent years – with particular popularity only evident since 2010 / 2011.

Due to the resource still being comparatively new, there are very often regular mistakes made by businesses of all shapes and sizes who are looking to blog for their business.

Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can be particularly detrimental to the success of the business blog, with the following information three guaranteed ways to ensure your business blog fails.

1. Write little and not-often

Business blogs are very often seen as an area of the business’s online presence where you can visit to find out further information on products, services or general topics related to the business and / or their organization.

As humans are creatures of habit, we generally prefer to visit blogs that we like on a regular basis at the same time and / or on the same day and therefore if we discover a blog we enjoy that publishes fresh content on a Monday and Friday afternoons, we’ll naturally visit the blog at these times and on these days.

Disrupt this schedule by posting on an ad hoc basis and you’ll do nothing but have a detrimental impact upon the development of your blog’s readership base.

Furthermore, by posting only small amounts of information, it’s unlikely that visitors will consider it to be worthwhile information and therefore will find it difficult to justify a return visit.

2. Use your blog as a direct sales and promotion tool

Blogs are social platforms. They may be used by many, as explained above, as a resource for businesses to store information for past, present and potential customers to view, but the simple fact is the primary purpose behind any business blog is to increase the level of communication between the company and their customers.

Therefore, one thing you don’t want to be doing is constantly bombarding your readers with nothing but sales copy.

Some people are more prone to becoming annoyed with regular sales and promotional messaging than others, but the general understanding is businesses using a blog – or in fact any type of social platform – need to be carrying out 80% general interaction and 20% sales, promotional or marketing talk – anything more and you’re going to drive all of your customers away from your business, rather than to it.

3. Don’t listen to your readers

As a blog is an interactive communication platform, it’s imperative that you listen to what your readers are saying, irrelevant of whether it’s praise or not.

We’re currently in a world where not only is the economy poor and you therefore need to be doing your utmost to deliver first class customer service, but where people are wanting to talk to businesses online in a variety of ways – and get a response back.

Business blogs are an absolutely fantastic way of communicating with your customers, raising your brand awareness and if developed and utilized correctly, increasing your online sales.

However, it’s far too easy to use a business blog in the wron

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